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  • Religious architecture

    St Mary’s Chapel
    Old Greyfriars’ Church
    St Andrew’s Church
    Wesley’s octagon Chapel
    [#1 (...)

  • Lining out

    The clerk or precentor read aloud the words of each line in a hymn (with the accompaniment of a (...)

  • Cultural life

    Due to its determination to distinguish itself from Anglicanism, although it did not want to (...)

  • Open air

    One of the most innovative aspects of the Methodist movement, at the beginning, was (...)

  • Methodist chapels

    It is in Bristol, not far from Bath, that the very first Methodist chapel was built. As early (...)

  • John Sharp

    John Sharp (1723-1792) was born into an eminent ecclesiastical family. He matriculated in 1740 (...)

  • Methodism

    John Wesley
    Methodist doctrine
    Originally a simple revival movement aimed at bringing the (...)

  • Dissenters

    [#1#2], Congregationalists and (...)

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