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  • Jane Austen in Bath

    Gay Street
    Jane Austen lived in Trim Street, then in Gay Street (shown here), between (...)

  • Fashion in Bath

    Bath, capital of fashion
    A day in the life of a lady of fashion
    The varieties of Bath
    The (...)

  • The theatre in Bath

    Bath’s first theatre was built in 1705. It was a small, inadequate building in Trim Street. (...)

  • Rowlandson in Bath

    ’’The Comforts of Bath’’
    1 - The Visit to the Doctor
    Among the five doctors who have preyed on (...)

  • Gambling at Bath

    Gambling at Bath
    Doctor prescribed gambling to their patients as a cure causing them to forget (...)

  • Richard ’Beau’ Nash

    Other Portraits of Nash
    Nash’s house
    Nash and gambling
    Nash and the General Hospital (...)

  • Persuasion

    Persuasion, Chapter XV
    Persuasion, Chapter XIX
    Sir Walter Elliott (Anne’s father) chose to (...)

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